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Is the Selfie Stick compatible with all camera apps such as ZoomFX or Camera 360?

The Selfie Stick is compatible with the majority of the camera apps from the get go. Some apps however will respond with Zoom / Volume action when pressing the shutter button on the Selfie Stick. In that case, please add the capture function to the Zoom or Volume button. Please consult the app’s help function for specific instructions.

ZoomFx App: Settings > Customized buttons > Volume = Capture
Camera 360 App: Settings > Camera > … More > Volume Key function = Capture


How do I take the perfect selfie?

At Fresh ‘n Rebel we only have one golden rule: never ever do a duck face! ‘Nuff said.


Does my phone fit?

The short answer is yes. Thanks to the adjustable phone holder pretty much every phone fits.


How long does one charge last?

With one charge you can take 60.000 selfies! Try to beat that!


Instead of taking a photo, my camera zooms in or changes the volume. What do I do?

For some phone models such as the Sony Xperia Z or Xperia Z1 the default functionality of the power button is set to zoom. To change this, go to your default camera app and change the settings of the power button from zoom to shutter. Please consult your phone’s manual for specific instructions.


I cannot type any text. What do I do?

When you’re using Instagram, What’s App and other apps to take your photos, you won’t be able to enter any text as long as the phone is connected to the Selfie Stick. Please disconnect your phone from the Selfie Stick or disable the Bluetooth connection of your phone and you’re good to go again.


What do I need to do if I think that my product is faulty?

All Fresh ‘n Rebel products have been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Of course, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your product. Therefore, if something does go wrong, you can make a claim under the standard 2-year shop warranty, which is valid from the day of purchase of the product in a shop or webshop.


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