Rockbox Brick XL

Portable Bluetooth speaker


€ 99.99

Size does

Rockbox Brick XL Indigo - Fresh 'n Rebel

Bigger, better, larger

The bigger, the better, right? Rockbox Brick XL is the bigger brother of the Rockbox Brick. Designed to let you listen to your music out loud wherever you are.

Double fun

Party harder

Party harder with an extra speaker because of the double fun modus. The double fun modus will wirelessly link two Rockbox Brick XL speakers so you can play stereo sound. So PARTY TO MAX.

Rockbox Brick XL - Double Fun - Fresh 'n Rebel
Rockbox Brick XL - Powerbank - Fresh 'n Rebel
Rockbox Brick XL - Powerbank shadow - Fresh 'n Rebel
Built-in powerbank

Power on the go

Need a bit of extra juice? Power up your smartphone or tablet via USB with the built-in Powerbank.


Never miss a chance to dance

You can dance whenever you want wherever you want because the Rockbox Brick XL will give you fifteen hours of music. More than enough to keep that party going.

Rockbox Brick XL - Playtime - Fresh 'n Rebel
Quality material

Party in style

Meet fashion in a seriously rocking way. Clad in a special-woven fabric with multi-coloured threads and available in eight different colours that meet the latest fashion and interior trends. Rockbox Brick XL is on a mission to dress up your music.

Rockbox Slice Cupcake - Fabriq - Fresh 'n Rebel
Rockbox Brick XL Concrete - Fresh 'n Rebel

A label to remember

Every Rockbox Brick XL has our soft leather tag edited on with a metal button. This gives the speaker tough look and feel. It’s all in the details.


Hello? Who’s this?

You never have to worry about missing a phone call. The Rockbox Brick XL has a built-in microphone. Now you can work and play.

Rockbox Brick XL Ruby - Speakerphone - Fresh 'n Rebel

Bits ‘n Bites

In the box

Rockbox Brick XL
Charging cable (Micro USB)
3.5 mm audio cable


Audio in: Connect any music player via the supplied cable.
Audio out: Play your music on another speaker or HiFi set via audio output.
Rechargeable battery
Average playtime: 15 hours
DC input: 5 V / 1 A (max.)
USB output: 5 V / 1 A
Passive bass
Double fun modus

Charging Time

4 hours


230 x 95 x 95 mm


890 g


Cloud - 1RB5500CL
Buttercup - 1RB5500BC
Peppermint - 1RB5500PT
Cupcake - 1RB5500CU
Army - 1RB5500AR
Indigo - 1RB5500IN
Ruby - 1RB5500RU
Concrete - 1RB5500CC


Rockbox Brick XL

Portable Bluetooth speaker


€ 99.99

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Rockbox Brick XL

Portable Bluetooth speaker

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