Rockbox Bold L - Fresh 'n Rebel

Rockbox Bold L

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker


€ 149.99

Ready for whatever

Rockbox Bold L Peppermint - Big and bold - Fresh 'n Rebel

Big and bold

The Rockbox Bold L is a big waterproof Bluetooth speaker and is ready for any adventure!


Shake it off

Rockbox Bold L is a large waterproof Bluetooth speaker you can take with you to the beach, you don’t have to worry about water or dirt because you can easily rinse it off under the tap.

Rockbox Bold L Indigo - Waterproof - Fresh 'n Rebel
Double fun

Party harder

Want to party harder? Wirelessly link two Rockbox Bold L speakers to play stereo sound. WARNING; the double fun mode can sound very loud!

Rockbox Bold L - Double fun - Fresh 'n Rebel

Forever dancing

Rockbox Bold L will give you fifteen hours of playtime. So whether you are in the mountains, at the beach or indoors you can enjoy non-stop music.

Rockbox Bold L Indigo - Playtime - Fresh 'n Rebel
Rockbox Bold L Peppermint - Powerbank - Fresh 'n Rebel
Built-in powerbank

Fully charged

Is your phone almost out of power? Don’t you worry about a thing! Charge your smartphone via USB with the built-in Powerbank.

Powerbank Icon

Hook me up!

The Rockbox Bold L is embellished with a strong, rubber label and is edited to the speaker with a brushed metal button. Turn the button ‘till it’s open, hang it wherever you want and play your favourite songs out & loud.

Rockbox Bold L - Hook me up - Fresh 'n Rebel
Rockbox Bold M Indigo - Touch buttons - Fresh 'n Rebel

Press that button

When you turn on your Rockbox Bold L the buttons will light up. This way you know when you need to charge.

Dance with
the waves


Bold & Beautiful

The Rockbox Bold has amazing curves and is available in four different colours.

Bold L Concrete - Bold and Beautiful - Fresh 'n Rebel
Rockbox Bold M Cloud - Fabriq - Fresh 'n Rebel
Quality material


The speaker is covered in a durable waterproof fabric. Please, don’t panic when you get some sand, dirt or dust on your speaker. Your BOLD is protected.


Pick up the phone

The Rockbox Bold L has a built-in microphone, so while dancing you can easily pick up the phone in between songs.

Bold M Peppermint - Speakerphone - Fresh 'n Rebel

Win a Nike
Hip Pack!



Post an amazing photo of your Rockbox Bold using: #freshnrebel

Rockbox Bold Promo - Win a Nike Hip Pack - Fresh 'n Rebel
Rockbox Bold Promo - Win a Nike Hip Pack - Fresh 'n Rebel

How do you win?

What you need to do:
Step 1: Buy a Rockbox Bold M or L of course (duh).
Step 2: Now take a photo of your new Rockbox Bold speaker!
Step 3: Upload the photo to your social channels preferably Instagram (Facebook is so last season). Use #freshnrebel and tag us @freshnrebel.

Out of every 10 photos, we’ll select our favourite. We have more than enough Hip Packs to giveaway so get ready and start taking photos!

Good luck Rebels

Bits ‘n Bites

In the box

Rockbox Bold L
Charging cable (Micro USB)
3.5 mm audio cable


Double fun modus
Rechargeable battery
Playtime: 15 hours
Micro USB input: 5 V
USB output: 5 V – 1 A
Audio in: Connect any music player via the supplied cable.
Audio out: Play your music on another speaker or HiFi set via audio output.

Charging Time

4 hours


252 x 110 x 110 mm


1280 g


Cloud - 1RB7000CL
Peppermint - 1RB7000PT
Indigo - 1RB7000IN
Concrete - 1RB7000CC

Rockbox Bold L - Packaging - Fresh 'n Rebel

Rockbox Bold L

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker


€ 149.99

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Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

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Rockbox Bold L

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

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