Rockbox Cube - Fresh 'n Rebel

Rockbox Cube

Small Bluetooth speaker


€ 29.99

Petite but

Rockbox Cube - Big love for a small speaker - Fresh 'n Rebel

Big love for a small speaker

Have you ever seen such a cutie as this one? Rockbox Cube is a tiny but powerful wireless speaker.


Tiny powerhouse

The Rockbox Cube is a little powerhouse and perfect for a night to Club BED featuring DJ Pillow and MC Blanky.

Rockbox Cube - Tiny powerhouse - Fresh 'n Rebel

Big love,
small speaker


A little party never hurt nobody

The Rockbox Cube will give you eight hours of playtime. So when you are giving a fabulous house party you can now go on until the morning!

Rockbox Cube - Playtime - Fresh 'n Rebel
Quality material

Stylish Fabriq

Meet fashion in a seriously rocking way. Clad in a special-woven fabric with multi-coloured threads and available in eight different colours that meet the latest fashion and interior trends.

Rockbox Cube - Fabriq - Fresh 'n Rebel
Rockbox Cube - Leather Label - Fresh 'n Rebel

Leather label

Every Rockbox Cube has a soft leather tag. This is our Fresh ‘n Rebel signature it’s attached to the Rockbox Cube with a brushed metal button.

Bits ‘n Bites

En el envase

Rockbox Cube
Charging cable (Micro USB)
3.5 mm audio cable


Audio in: Connect any music player via the supplied cable.
Rechargeable battery
Average playtime: up to 8 hours
DC input: 5 V / 1 A max. (Micro USB)
Passive bass

Tiempos de carga

1 hora


59 x 59 x 59 mm


125 g


Cloud - 1RB1000CL
Buttercup - 1RB1000BC
Peppermint - 1RB1000PT
Cupcake - 1RB1000CU
Army - 1RB1000AR
Indigo - 1RB1000IN
Ruby - 1RB1000RU
Concrete - 1RB1000CC

Rockbox Cube - Packaging - Fresh 'n Rebel

Rockbox Cube

Small Bluetooth speaker


€ 29.99

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