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Valentine Colour Pack

For a very special someone

Available colors

Product code: 8GIFT01IN


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Valentine Colour Pack

You make my heart skip a beat

The products will give your Valentine a musical boost. You will find Caps Headphones with a rich sound, deep bass and a cool design. The closed-back design blocks  out ambient noise in trains, planes & cars so your love can listen to their favourite tracks while they’re on the go.

Next up you will find the Powerbank 3000 mAh a pocket-sized rechargeable backup battery for all your mobile devices. Say goodbye to an empty phone battery that leaves you feeling disconnected. With a capacity of 3000 mAh, the Powerbank has enough juice to charge a phone once or give other power hungry devices like a tablet a boost.

And last but certainly not least the Rockbox Cube Fabriq Edition from Fresh ‘n Rebel it is a petite but powerful portable Bluetooth speaker with an 8-hour battery life, excellent sound and a stylish design. 

Valentine Colour Pack
Valentine Colour Pack
Valentine Colour Pack
PERFECT GIFT Guarantees a perfect Valentine.
YOU MELT MY HEART Warning this gift will melt your partners heart.
SKIP A BEAT This gift will make your heart skip a beat.


Available colors
Product code: 8GIFT01IN Product code: 8GIFT01RU
Rockbox Cube:
1 hours

Powerbank 3000 mAh:
1.5 hours
Rockbox Cube Fabriq Edition
Micro-USB charging cable
3.5 mm audio cable

Caps headphones
3.5mm audio cable with microphone & remote*
* Microphone and remote compatible with most devices using the unprotected 3.5mm standard

Powerbank 3000 mAh
Micro USB Cable
Rockbox Cube:
59 x 59 x 59 mm

Powerbank 3000 mAh:
95 x 30 x 25 mm
Rockbox Cube:
- Bluetooth 4.0
- Audio in port
- 500 mAh rechargeable battery
- Average play time: 8 h
- DC input: 5 V / 1 A max. (Micro-USB)
- Output power: 3 W

Caps Headphones:
- 40mm drivers
- Frequency Range 20Hz – 20.000Hz
- Impedance 32 ohm

Powerbank 3000 mAh:
- Battery capacity: 3000 mAh
- Input: 5V / 1.5A (max.)
- Output: 5V / 1A
- Overvoltage protection
- Overcurrent protection
- Overheating protection
- Overcharge protection
- Overdischarge protection
- Short Circuit protection
- Airline approved: safe to fly with (UN38.3)
Rockbox Cube:
140 g

Caps Headphones:
135 g

Powerbank 3000 mAh:
78 g
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Frequently asked questions


Connect a different device?

Press the Bluetooth button to set the speaker back into pairing mode and connect a new device.


Trouble connecting?

When turning the speaker on, it will try to reconnect to the last device for 30 seconds. If it can’t find it, it will go into pairing mode for 3 minutes and you can connect a new device. A soft reset can sometimes resolve your pairing issue, so please try to turn your speaker off and on again.


Hearing a beep?

The battery is getting low. We’ll give you a warning when you have 20, 15 and 10 per cent capacity left.


The speaker turned off?

The battery was below 5 per cent. Charge the speaker to rock out again..


The speaker went to sleep?

You haven’t played anything in the last 30 minutes or forgot to turn your speaker off? Turn your speaker off and on again to keep playing music.


Charge your charger while charging?

To protect your device, it is not possible to charge your Powerbank and your device at the same time while they are connected to each other. The charging LED blinks red when the safety feature is active.


It’s getting hot in here!

To protect your device, the Powerbank will turn off when it gets too hot. We recommend to keep it out of the sun, away from heaters and other hot environments. The charging LED blinks red when the safety feature is active.


Any juice left?

To find out how much battery is left in your Powerbank, press the button once.


How do I use the remote?

With 1 click, you play and pause a song. Moreover, when you are getting a call, 1 click will take the call and end it. With 2 clicks you go to the next song. 3 clicks will bring you to the previous song.


Does the remote work with all Smartphones?

The remote works with all Smartphones that use the unprotected 3.5mm standard such as the iPhone, and models from HTC, Blackberry and many more.


What is the length of the cable?

Caps Headphones come with a 50cm coiled, detachable cable.


What do I need to do if I think that my product is faulty?

All Fresh 'n Rebel products have been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Of course, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your product. Therefore, if something does go wrong, you can make a claim under the standard 2-year shop warranty, which is valid from the day of purchase of the product in a shop or webshop.